oasis pickleball and tennis club

Searching for the “best tennis court near me”?

Whether you’re an experienced player searching for the “best tennis court near me” or are just looking for a new hobby to stay active, Oasis Pickleball and Tennis Club is the facility for you. Learn more about our amenities and what our members love about Oasis!

Luxurious Facilities

We offer the finest facilities with beautiful outdoor courts as well as an indoor court for your convenience. With our wide range of options, everyone can come enjoy the day and play at Oasis! In addition, Oasis is equipped with pickleball courts and amenities such as a resort style pool and sand volleyball courts.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are some of the best in the country and competed against some of the top pros in the world. Now, they’re available to teach you! Schedule a private lesson with Mercedes, our Director of Tennis, or Vitor to improve your game. Players of all levels and skills are welcome to book a one-on-one session with them. Learn more about their backgrounds and expertise here.

Word-Class Events

We don’t just host local league competitions, we also host some of the biggest tournaments like the Texas Open! Our month to month events change, so be sure to check out our calendar and stay updated. Sign up to participate or watch and improve your game! There’s always excitement ahead on the Oasis Pickleball and Tennis Club calendar.

Oasis also offers a variety of classes and training for players of all ages and levels of experience. Our beginner drills provide you with basic knowledge and fundamentals of the sport. For our players with a little more experience, our intermediate drills give you a fun challenge to keep your games interesting. If you’re looking for even faster-paced, more advanced training, we also have a highly competitive community that will help you sharpen your skills. Join our drills by contacting us today and check out the “best tennis court near me”!