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Intro to Pickleball

If you have never played before and want to see what it is all about, this is for you. During this session you will observe others playing, learn the basic rules (court description, serving basics, non-volley zone, scoring). You’ll be able to play with some experienced players to get a feel for the game and […]

Beginner Pickleball

Designed for individuals that have never played/played a handful of times or have attended an Intro to Pickleball session. This class will cover: In depth overview of rules, court layout, equipment, and gameplay. Learn to: Follow the pathway of the ball, Learn the strokes forehand, backhand, and overhead; Serve & return the ball, engage in […]

Advanced Beginner Pickleball

Designed for the player who understands the rules/different types of shots and/or has taken the beginner class. This class will focus on the improvement of your groundstrokes, overheads, volleys, dinks and serves. Work on adding direction and control to forehand and backhand shots. Develop an understanding of basic strategies. Initiate a dink rally to advance […]

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