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Join today and get access to our 5 tennis courts, 24 pickleball courts, resort pool, game room, basketball, tournaments, leagues, lessons, drills and more.

All memberships are annual contracts with monthly payments.


A friendly reminder that only tennis shoes are allowed on the Pickleball and Tennis Courts. To prevent damages on the surface of the courts, running shoes are not permitted. Thank you!


Double Bounce Special! Moms and dads can come out and take beginner tennis or pickleball drills while your children have access to Urban Air. This deal is $130/Month, and the whole family benefits!
*children under the age of 12 cannot be dropped off*
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Super Seniors! If you are 50 or older, come play with us every Saturday at 8am for just $5! Anyone and everyone over 50 is welcome!
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  1. Seniors 65+
    • Pickleball: $45
    • Tennis: $70
    • Pickleball & Tennis: $85

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  2. Singles 35+
    • Pickleball: $55
    • Tennis: $80
    • Pickleball & Tennis: $85

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  3. Junior
    • Pickleball: $45
    • Tennis: $65
    • Pickleball & Tennis: $80

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  4. Family
    • Pickleball: $70
    • Tennis: $130
    • Pickleball & Tennis: $140

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Members will be offered discounted rates for tennis and pickleball events, drills, and lessons, as well as summer camps.

If you would like to add the Beach Club membership for the summer, members can apply this add-on for 50% off! The pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Contact the Beach Club for more info.

The hourly fee for covered courts is $10.00 per hour!  Non-members will be charged add an additional $6.00 per player.

All prices are based on a monthly basis.

Call for a tour or on-court evaluation!

Would you like to take a tour of our facility and see what all Oasis has to offer? Call us at 972-772-7768 or swing by the club at 5757 S. Hwy 205 (just 3 miles south of I-30). We would love to show you around the facility and discuss pricing, events, amenities and more!