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Club Rules and Regulations

  1. Members and their guests shall fully comply with all of these Rules and Regulations.
  2. Club members and guests who have complied with the fee schedule noted herein may use the Club. Oasis Beach and Tennis Club (OB&TC) reserves the right of control on status on all persons entering the Club.
  3. Children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by a member or an approved family adult (18 years and older) at all times unless they are under the supervision of OB&TC staff at a Club activity, i.e.; lessons or clinic.
  4. Members and guests shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause discomfort or interfere with the rights and interests of other members or guests or with duties and responsibilities of the Staff.
  5. Oasis Beach and Tennis Club has the right to terminate and/or suspend any use of the Club upon giving no less than 30 days written notice to the members if such action occurs. Cause(s) for termination include but are not limited to the following:
    • Member’s non-compliance with all rules and regulations.
    • Conduct that causes discomfort or interferes with the rights or interests of other members within the club or with the duties/responsibilities of the Staff.
    • Payment delinquencies as defined herein.
    • Destruction of any club property, vandalism or graffiti.
    • Entering Club property between hours of 10pm – 6am Monday through Sunday.
    • Misconduct deemed to be injurious to the interest of the Club by the Owner.
  6. In the event of termination, OB&TC agrees to refund pre-paid dues, if any which such members may have paid, but OB&TC is not obligated to repay any of the portions of the initiation fee.
  7. The OB&TC shall not be obligated to refund any dues or initiation fee in case of gross misconduct, sale or transfer of ownership of the OB&TC, substantial destruction of facilities, eminent domain proceedings, inability to operate profitably, act of God, or other reasons.
  8. If a member wishes to terminate his/her membership, he/she must do so in writing. This written note must be received 30 days in advance. In case of voluntary termination of membership, refunds of dues or initiation fee will not be applicable. All FITNESS KEYS must be returned to the Club and all outstanding debts must be paid.
  9. Membership shall remain in its original status (Single, Family, Junior and Senior) unless OB&TC is notified of any changes in writing. The difference in the initiation fee must be paid for upgrades.
  10. A family is defined as a husband, wife and children. Children must be under 24 years of age and living at home. A couple is defined as a married or unmarried man or woman living in the same household.
  11. In the event of death, the deceased’s membership is automatically canceled and does not pass to personal representative, legal heirs or successors. Memberships are not transferable.
  12. In the event of dissolution of marriage or legal separation, both spouses may continue membership (with no additional fee) at the then applicable membership rates.
  13. Monthly dues are billed one month in advance on the FIRST day of the month. All dues are due by the 5th of the month and are considered late on the 11th. A late fee of $25 will be charged. A fee of $35 will be charged for any returned checks.
  14. Oasis Beach and Tennis Club does not provide credit other than by approved credit card companies. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted at the time of purchase or at the time a service is provided.
  15. A Member’s account is considered delinquent when account remains unpaid for 30 days or more. If payment in full is not made within 40 days all membership privileges and use of the Club are suspended. At 60 days, the membership is terminated and all unpaid debt is turned over to collection.
  16. Swimming is at the Members Own Risk. No lifeguard is on duty at the pool. All members are required to sign in at the pro shop before entering the swimming pool. No shouting, running or horseplay is allowed in the pool area or adjoining areas. Inflatable and floats not permitted in the pool. Children 16 years of age and under must be accompanied by a member or an approved family adult (18 years and older) at the Pool at all times.
  17. No child of the opposite sex, three years and over is allowed in locker rooms.
  18. All tennis players are encouraged to make online court reservation. Proper tennis footwear and attire must be worn.
  19. The OB&TC is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced articles anywhere on the club premises.
  20. Smoking is not permitted indoors or outdoors of the club area.
  21. Shirts and shoes are required in the public areas other than the pool.
  22. The OB&TC reserves the right to close on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day or other holidays. The management also reserves the right to close the club for repairs or emergencies or to limit the hours of use for special events.
  23. Guest Fees will be charged to all non-members of the club based upon the current Guest policy published by the club.
  24. No freezes of memberships are allowed except for medical reasons and OB&TC management must approve these 30 days prior to taking effect.

Court Reservation Policies

  1. courts may be reserved by phone
  2. Members may only book one outdoor court per day. If a members wishes to reserve multiple courts for an event, please contact the Club for assistance with your event.
  3. Club members may reserve courts up to 3 days in advance.
  4. Guests members may reserve courts up to 2 days in advance with pre-pay court fee.