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Tennis and Pickleball Courts Near Me

Countless studies have shown that exercise is key to developing and maintaining a healthy mind and body. If you live in Rockwall, Texas, you have likely searched for “courts near me” to understand what sporting options are available for you and your family. To make it easier, we have compiled the best locations for court sports here for you!

Pickleball Courts

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA, pickleball is a favorite for all ages. Have you been searching for “pickleball courts near me?” Oasis Pickleball & Tennis Club is the #1 facility for racquet sport enthusiasts from Rockwall to Dallas/Fort Worth. Oasis has 16 outdoor pickleball courts, 4 covered pickleball courts, and 8 hybrid pickleball courts. Oasis offers morning and evening classes, each class being designed explicitly for the different levels of players. You can also choose to partake in small group/team instruction or private lessons if you want to escalate your pickleball skills quickly.

Tennis Courts

Speaking of Oasis, they can also answer your “where are tennis courts near me” question. Oasis offers 4 outdoor lighted tennis courts and 1 covered tennis for the best tennis experience east of Dallas. Oasis offers beginner drills, intermediate drills, and advanced drills throughout the week to provide instruction to all levels of players. Plus, Oasis is proud to provide a junior development training program where your kids can learn from nationally ranked tennis champions!

Volleyball Courts

If you’re looking to get your family involved with Volleyball, Oasis also has some great sand volleyball courts available! Beach volleyballs made for sand play are much lighter and slightly larger than indoor volleyballs, making it easier for your kids to participate. You also don’t require as many people to play sand volleyball, so even if you just have one opponent to play against you can still cover your side of the court.

Basketball Courts

If you have been wondering, “where can I find state-of-the-art basketball courts near me,” you likely didn’t find much in Rockwall, Texas. Unfortunately, you would have to travel to Dallas/Fort Worth. If you are willing to make the drive, The Sportsplex is a fabulous option for great indoor basketball courts. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more local option to play a pick-up game with friends or play a round of HORSE with your kids, you can use the community court at Porter Park.

Get in Touch

Whether you are looking for tennis, pickleball, or volleyball courts, Oasis has the top courts in DFW! Come check out the club today, we would love to show you what we have to offer. Contact us to learn more info: