Why You Should Sign Your Child Up for Our Tennis Development Program

Does your child need a new hobby, sport, or skill-set? Are you looking to increase their physical activity and boost their confidence? At Oasis Pickleball and Tennis Club, we have the perfect tennis development program to improve your child’s mental and physical health and boost their confidence, regardless of age or skill level. Keep reading to learn why you should enroll your child in our program!

Improves Physical and Mental Health

Sports are essential to a child’s mental and physical health because they help develop a wide range of skills to carry into maturity. Whether you want your child to join a sport to improve their athletic abilities, be more active, learn discipline, or just have fun, tennis is an excellent opportunity that provides all of these benefits and more. Participation in youth sports, like tennis, is associated with improved academic performance, higher test scores, and enriched social skills. Your child can reap the mental and physical benefits by enrolling in our fantastic tennis development program.

Oasis Welcomes All Skill Levels

Our junior development program welcomes children from all skill levels– even if they have never picked up a racket before. This allows all kids to train with our nationally ranked tennis champions. Our coaches have years of experience and training in youth coaching and support several kids throughout their athletic journeys. Within our tennis development program, your child will make friends, learn valuable skills, and create life-long memories. Even children as young as four years old are welcome to join our phenomenal community of coaches and athletes!

Confidence in Competition

In addition to the fun learning experiences and skill development, we also foster a healthy competitive nature among our clients through hosting youth tournaments. These tournaments help children engage in friendly competition and show parents what they are learning on the courts. We host these events to encourage kids to do their best and learn to compete. Learning to set goals and work towards achieving them is essential to a child’s confidence and development. Competing will not only improve your child’s tennis skills but give them valuable skills on and off the court.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our tennis development program, check out our schedule and contact Tennis and Pickleball Director Mercedes Fernandez at 972-772-7768 or director@oasistennis.com.