tennis tips and tricks

Tennis Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Tennis is a marvelous game that has been developed over the centuries. Yes, you heard right, centuries! The first hints of tennis date back to early civilizations, but it was first recorded in the 11th to 12th century by French monks. That means for nearly 1,000 years, people like you have been trying to learn and improve their tennis game. As you begin your training, you can employ various tennis tips and tricks to create an optimal atmosphere for learning and techniques to jump-start your success.

Start with a Healthy Meal

Before you even head to the court, it is vital to prepare with a healthy meal. You want your body to have access to all the nutrients it needs to power your body and resist fatigue. We recommend a mix of carbs and proteins as well as some fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure you start hydrating before the game. 

Use Proper Gear

Improper gear can be detrimental to your game and your safety. We advise that you wear proper tennis shoes (not running shoes), flexible clothing, sports sunglasses, and a racket fit to your body size.

Get a Good Warm-Up

Before starting any sport, it is highly recommended that you get in a good warm-up. You can certainly warm up solo, but the best warm-up is with a partner. You can get your muscles moving and get your brain into game mode by rallying the ball gently back and forth with your companion.

Stay on Your Toes

One of the easiest tennis tips and tricks to employ is staying on your toes. Being flatfoot often leads to a planted stance. By staying on your toes, you can react quickly and efficiently.

Slow Down with Stutter Steps 

One area where many newbies fail is speed, as in too much speed. When one sees the ball getting away, it can be easy to run full speed. However, once you get there, that speed can be a hindrance. An easy solution is using stutter steps, multiple quick, small steps, to slow down as you approach the ball for a hit.

Have Fun

 Lastly, the best of the tennis tips and tricks is to remember to have fun! Want to have a blast with other learners? You can join Oasis Pickleball & Tennis Club for their tennis drill times to up your game!